Lincoln Tai Chi Classes

The beginners class is Tuesday, 7-8 pm; advanced class, Tuesday, 8-9 pm; and intermediate class runs Wednesday, 7:30-9:00 pm Classes are held in the gymnasium of Senator Gibson Public School 4944 John St., Beamsville.

In 2009 Sensei Fraser officially started the Lincoln Tai Chi Club. Many people in the Niagara area have joined the club since then and are working at the advanced level where the full 108 move form is being practiced. Tai Chi has at its origin a martial arts base and the techniques have many self-defense applications. The art of Tai Chi has evolved over hundreds of years into a technique for promoting health, and meditation with people using it primarily for its health benefits.

At Lincoln Tai Chi, every class is conducted by Sensei Fraser with music accompanying the movements. Music enhances the Tai Chi experience and lends a quality of flow that enhances the ability to learn and connect the movements of both the Qi Gong and Tai Chi form. As a Level 5 Certified instructor, Sensei Fraser is able to adjust the movements to adapt to all levels of ability. This enhances the experience for students that may be at different levels of health or who may have specific recuperative requirements following injuries or other types of medical issues.

Our Classes