About Lincoln Tai Chi Training

The ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong is provided to the Lincoln and surrounding community by the Lincoln Tai Chi Club. Sensei Andy Fraser, chief instructor of the Lincoln Martial Arts Club in Beamsville is also the instructor for the Lincoln Tai Chi Club. Sensei Fraser is a 6th degree black belt in karate and has been practicing Tai Chi for many years. He has received certification from the Zen Bei Butoku Kai International in Tai Chi as a Level 5 instructor.

Tai Chi is a series of gentle movements that can bring about stress reduction, improved balance and many other health benefits. It is a gentle art of health and well-being for people of all ages and health conditions. The martial art of Tai Chi is based on the concepts of the Yin Yang relationship or opposite forces in the universe. Tai Chi is a gentle art, as well as a powerful one. It is not strenuous, but greatly assists the student to relax, release stress and revitalize one’s inner being. Tai Chi promotes the development and movement of energy throughout the body and can aid in the revitalization of the body, mind, and spirit.

Why you’ll love our classes

This slow, graceful Chinese exercise is attracting more people from around the world these days. If you regularly exercise the effectiveness in fall prevention for older adults has improved with strength and balance. Any form of exercise, of course, can do only so much. However, unlike many other types of exercise, Tai Chi is accessible to people of any age and condition including seniors. The exercise may be taken up by anyone, regardless of gender, age, or health. Tai Chi is often referred to as an art form encompassing techniques for relaxation, meditation, and the ultimate self-defence, healthy exercise.

*Classes are accompanied by music which makes the form more easily learned and enhances relaxation

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